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Turnbuckle Talk Episode 105: Will The Real Ring of Honor Champion Please Stand Up

March 19, 2019

On our 105th episode we begin with a brief recap of Big Joe's experience at the recent MCW show.  Then WWE voted is worst wrestling promotion of 2018.  Chelsea Green injured at recent NXT taping.  Was the Watch Along experiment successful or not?  Is Eminem going to be collaborating with WWE for WWE 2k20?  Then we discuss Kurt Angle's retirement match.  Keeping in mind this was recorded before the announcement on Raw.  Harlem Heat set to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.  We also talk about the finals of the Dusty Rhodes Classic.  Then we breakdown Ring of Honor 17th Anniversary.  Them we see whats going on with AEW.  Then for our Showstopper Segment this week, is Wrestlemania going to be worth watching this year?  Like, share, and enjoy.

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