Turnbuckle Talk


The Strange Case of…What’s in His Pocket

September 4, 2017

On our 30th episode we start off by finally announcing our first true full on sponsor in the form of Collar and Elbow. #COLLARxELBOW  A brand of clothing built on the shared passion for pro wrestling we all have.  Please use our offer code JKPODCAST to get 10% off your purchase.  Our first topic revolves around highest grossing iOS app Tinder.  Changes made to the Google Play Store goood or bad?  Along with that we discuss the issue of app security.  As we predicted in an earlier episode, Google decides to keep the original Pixel phone as a discounted phone on the eve of the release of the next Pixel phones being made by LG in partnership with Google.  September 12th is the confirmed date for the iPhone event.  We discuss the recent changes made to YouTube.  Apple builds a new theatre to be used for release events that is dedicated to founder Steve Jobs.  We also talk about the infamous picture of Tim  Cook (Apple CEO) and what is in his pants.  Karl talks about his smart watch and if it is something that is useful.  We then briefly mention the XboxOne's play and charge kit and if its worth the money.  To end off we have more international music in the form of the Scorpions who hail from the country of Germany.  Like, share, enjoy.