Turnbuckle Talk


The Rock Says… Siri You Function Ok Tonight

July 28, 2017

On our 25th episode we talk about Apple's Rock and Siri ads and their push into the AI business and more hype leading up to the upcoming release of the new iPhone.  We do a little experimenting with the Google Assistant and some of the issues it has.  Also we touch on what the new version of Android may be named.  Briefly we discuss Apple again and their strategy throughout the years and the decisions they have made good and bad.  Next we discuss Facebook getting into the smartphone market with Motorola and a modular approach to the phone device.  Also we briefly talk about VR headsets.  And to finish off we take time to discuss the recent death of Chester Bennington lead singer of Linkin Park and the impact that suicide has on those left behind and pay tribute to him with one of his songs.  Rest in peace Chester and we hope you are in a better place now.  Like, share and enjoy.