Turnbuckle Talk


The Original Xbox Controller, The Andre the Giant of Game Controllers

July 28, 2017

On our 26th episode we discuss Global Force Wrestling cancelling an upcoming show and how they are faring as a company so far.  We talk about the possibility of a male singles tournament featuring independant talent from around the world.  We also talk about talent that has not been used properly by the WWE such as James Storm, Zack Sabre Jr, etc.  We also talk about Brock Lesnar and the possibility of him going back to fighting in the UFC and his future in WWE.  Also we talk about the awesome upcoming collectors edition of WWE 2k18 coming out soon.  And to end things off we break done the rumoured and confirmed matches for the upcoming WWE Summerslam Pay Per View and our thoughts on the matches.  Plus as a bonus our first featured artist for our International Music Month is Myrkur from Norway with a traditional folk song.  Enjoy, like and share.